Tips for an Orthodontist Planning an Outdoor Clinic in the Community

The YouTube video demonstrates how an orthodontist provides services to young community members in exchange for community service from those members. It’s a wonderful initiative and an excellent example of paying it forward. The video has inspired countless other professionals in the industry to offer their services to community members as part of their community service. Planning an outdoor community clinic requires a lot of planning, but it’s a great initiative worth the time and effort.

Where to Start

The first tip is that planning should start with formulating a budget. This will dictate how your finances are allocated to cover all costs.

Video Source

There are areas in your budget where you can cut prices to make the money go further. For example, your location. The second tip is that if you plan to host your clinic outside, look for venues or locations that are easily accessible, offer free parking, and are free of charge. All you’ll need to get is the permits and insurance.

The third tip is, if there aren’t any bathroom facilities nearby, you can organize a porta potty rental in Redding, CA. Finally, hosting events like these during late spring and early to mid-summer is best. Most states’ temperatures are more pleasant during this time of the year. In addition, portable toilet units offer climate control, making them ideal during these months.

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