Everything You Should Know About Braces

Your new braces are your ticket to a perfect smile. However, there’s much more to having them than meets the eye. You must be extra vigilant of what you eat and maintain stellar oral hygiene. This video offers a few key tips and advice.

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Oral Hygiene is Non-Negotiable

Wearing them means that your teeth require additional care. Brushing after every meal is a given. However, it’s a step you cannot afford to forget. Due to the nature of the device, you might get food stuck between them and between your teeth. Therefore, regular brushing is crucial. Ensure you floss diligently. You might also consider investing in interdental brushes to ensure your teeth are always clean.

Initial Discomfort

When you first get your braces put on, you might notice discomfort as your teeth adjust. There are remedies to help alleviate the pain during the process. Every time you visit the orthodontist to have them adjusted, you’ll experience this discomfort again until your teeth adjust. There are over-the-counter remedies such as gels and medications.

Dietary Adjustments

You’ll need to greet sticky food. Also, any food that’s hard or chewy. You’ll need to consider and embrace softer options such as yogurt and smoothies.

Your new experience is a journey towards a confident smile. It’s a process that’s worth it. Embrace the care routine, be patient, and remember the results will be worth it.

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