The Importance of Teeth Alignment

If you’ve been considering orthodontic treatment for general teeth alignment, you should know the multitude of benefits it provides. Not only can the process have positive cosmetic outcomes, but oral and overall health benefits as well. Read on to learn more!

Malocusion impacts three in four people, and these crooked teeth issues come in many forms. The unnatural stress and pressure from these misalignments can cause further damage to your teeth and jaw.

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Jaw, ear, and headaches are all common from crooked teeth.

Crooked teeth increase the risk of periodontal disease, which can progress to infections such as gingivitis and tooth loss. Because of your misaligned teeth, you may be unable to clean them properly, trapping plaque and tarter in areas you cannot reach. Even thorough brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash may not be enough to maintain your oral health.

Over time these issues can travel into the rest of your body, impacting your overall health. Heart disease has been linked to plaque build-up, which begins with improper teeth alignment. Orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign gets your body back on the right track, starting with the root of the problem. Contact an orthodontist near you today to set up a consultation!


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