When Should Your Child See an Orthodontist?

By the time your child is eight years old, they have a few permanent teeth. These could be coming in wrong, or they could not be there at all. Caught early by a kids orthodontist, dental problems can be fixed before the jaw and facial bones can be adversely impacted. Dr. Martin Riley of The Look explains children’s dental needs to us.

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Incisors are the eight teeth in the front of the mouth. They’re used to bite into an apple, pronounce “orthodontist,” and support the lips. At eight years of age, these teeth have broken through. It’s easier for Dr. Riley or another orthodontist to see if any problems are preparing themselves for an appearance.

Your child might not have obvious dental troubles. By coming in at age eight, the orthodontist knows for what possible problems to keep an eye out. Your child will simply come in for a checkup. Nothing beats parental peace of mind, does it?

Early dental treatment, while baby teeth are still present, can help a child’s teeth grow with more space available for permanent teeth.

Make sure to see a kids orthodontist when your child is eight years old. It gives their dental health the best head start you can give them.


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